• Mobile apps regional, transparent , at a glance

    Regional, transparent

    Take advantage of the new offer. Here you can find apps for your region and the operating system of your mobile device. Check the privacy properties of an app using symbols and decide on the basis of this information on a use. The testing phase begins ...

    The Idea

  • Apps for Europe and its regions

    Apps for Europe and its regions

    Those looking for Apps for a specific region, usually struggle to find the right one, the one that fits into its requirements. To solve this problem, this website focuses on public Apps and those with public benefits, with a focus on Europe, its regions and municipalities. The range starts with a public beta version and is being expanded. Register your App ...


  • Ideas exchange , your app idea for Smarthphone

    exchange ideas

    Would you like to use often an app for a specific management service? Or should a public app that has been around, work in your area? Do you miss certain features? If so, let vendors and developers know it, using our idea exchange!

    to exchange ideas

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