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  • Intellectual Property Rights:

    Independently of any free or open source software or data license that may apply to any software, API or data that is made available through the iCity website or developer portal, and except for works that are in the public domain, all the elements of this website - including each individual work and the structure, arrangement and selection of those works - are covered by intellectual or industrial property rights. The rights in data, source code, form, design and name of the products, applications, tools, pages, brands, commercial names, logotypes, images and graphics, belong to, or have been granted to or are the object of a license in the name of the iCity Project. The right to use these works and data in any manner, including reproduction, modification, distribution or public communication, are protected by law. 

  • Developers iCity Platform Accounts:

    iCity Developer Portal at http://icity-devp.icityproject.com/   provides services to third parties (Developers) to access and use certain data and services provided by cities and other public administrations that are members of the iCity Platform Member group. Developers wishing to use the iCity Platform services and iCity Member Services through the iCity Platform (as defined in the iCity Platform User Terms) must register, agree to and be bound by the iCity Platform User Terms, available here. 

    • Registration:To obtain a Developer account or post content to iCity, you must create an account by completing the corresponding form with your details and agreeing to these Terms and the iCity Platform User Terms. The passwords are confidential and are therefore your responsibility to safeguard and ensure their correct use. You agree to notify us immediately upon learning of any unauthorised use of your Account or any other breach of security known to you. On confirmation of the account, you are granted a limited, revocable, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the ICity services in accordance with these Terms nd the iCity Platform User Terms. The privacy policy applicable to personal data collected and processed by ICity Project is set out below.
      • Term:

      Your account will be activated and remain in force unless terminated by either us or you hereunder. You may cancel your account at any time. All cancelations should be addressed to: developers@icityproject.eu. We may suspend or cancel your registration immediately in case of breach by you of these Terms (including the iCity Platform User Terms), by written notice. We may provide you 7 days' notice of termination in any other circumstance. On termination for any reason, your access (and access by any App of yours) to your account and all of its content will be disabled and your personal data will be deleted, except as maintained in backups (for back-up retrieval purposes only or for any contingency). The content you have posted to the site will be reviewed and may be deleted or kept online with an anonymous user tag.